Meneer Dinges


Sir Someone tells the story of the legendary Jewish singing duo Johnny & Jones.

With their jazzy music they became the first teen-idols of the Netherlands.

During the occupation by Nazi-Germany, these Jewish boys were temporarily released

from camp Westerbork to make a record in Amsterdam.

Against all warnings they returned to the camp after the record was completed and they were transported to a concentration camp in Germany, were they died.

A teacher and his students are researching the fate of Johnny & Jones.

Their main quest is: why did they go back to camp Westerbork?

During this research the students discover that their teacher isn’t the person who he seems to be. He starts to look more and more like Sir Someone.

Director:          Marcel Sijm

Performance:  Rob van de Meeberg, Martin van Dijk, Theun PLantinga, Victor Mentink

Décor:             Sandra van Egmond

Costume:        Anne Verheij

Songs:            Lars Boom

Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam 2009