If you are injured the first thing that appears on your wound in the healing process is a scab.

It’s a defence mechanism made by your own body to protect you against influences from the outside world.

KORST tells the story of two friends, Kathrin and Regilio, who had a difficult childhood.

Thanks to their scabs they were able to keep on building their future with rhythm and movement. With dance that combines body-clap, modern dance and folklore dance, they tell us their story.

Choreography: Kathrin Gramelsberger

Dance: Regilio Sedoc, Kathrin Gramelsberger, Dayna Martinez Morales

Scenography: Anne Verheij

Sound: Daan de Vogel

Dramaturgy: Suzy Blok

De Krakeling, UITmarkt, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Amsterdam 2012