Eerste Keer



The first lust. From that text. In which you told that you’re in love.
The first kiss, that tasted of chips. That first glass of beer.
Then diligently another four of them – after which you threw up in that alley.
The first time hearing “I love you too”. Or being rejected.
Again and again you encounter the first time. In everything.
Truancy. Getting your period. Smoking. Making love.
Traveling without your parents. Crossing boundaries.

Eerste Keer (First Time) is an exciting and hilarious performance by Danstheater Aya. It starts with an encounter. In a small group you will follow two dancers to a location in the theatre. There they tell you about their first time. Every group will hear a different personal story.

The second part of the performance takes place on stage. Eight dancers. For the first time. Seeing eye to eye. There are miscommunications. Over confidences rears. Sparing love arises. An awkward confession is made. Sharp rejections echo. For the first time. Plunging in with eyes closed. Maybe there will be a second time.

Director and choreography: Wies Bloemen
Dance: Jagoda Bobrowska, Dietrich Pott, Rick Reekers, Lucien Denny, Daan de Kogel, Nicole Geertruida, Rosanne Bakker en Jenice de Haan.
Text: Anouk Saleming
Set and light design: Erik van Raalte
Costume design: Anne Verheij
Music: Dennis van Tilburg
Dramaturgy: Monique Masselink 

Winner of the Marburger Kinder- und Jugendtheaterpreis 2014