Two young women, each with two nationalities:

German and Nigerian, Dutch and Moroccan.

Everything is ok until their social network confronts them with their differences.

Their two cultural backgrounds start a war within them:

“Pick a side!” they seem to scream.

But is that possible? Denying a part of yourself?

They need to find a way to express themselves without compromising any of their nationalities.

In this dance story with modern cross-over and urban dance, two choreographers search for the traditional moving methods of their cultures. What are the connections and differences?

Through dance, text, song and music, they take the audience along their physical journey.

Choreography:    Kathrin Gramelsberger, Mouna Laroussi

Tekst:                  Brian Kemble

Scenography:      Anne Verheij

Light:                   Desirée van Gelderen

Sound:                Daan de Vogel

Dramaturgy:        Suzy Blok