(working title)

        2 women

        2 voices

        2 countries

        2 disciplines

        2 intuitions

        2 rhythms


        1 installation

By the end of October 2014 I started a dance and film research project with choreographer Miku Tsuchiya. The process consisted out of four makers intensives on four different locations throughout the UK in which spatial composition, dance, painting, movement and film were explored. The flow was enticing and the footage was rich. Consistency and style began to form out of two different disciplines, dance and visual art, bringing it to a new level in which exploration and intuition became the leading roles of this collaboration. Central to this research is the use of the digital canvas as our main tool.

When in December 2014 Miku moved back to Japan, we became well aware that in this digital age boundaries are relative when it comes to distance. Since we have landed in the next step of our work process, the digital step, we have decided to collaborate from opposite ends of the world.

We will log the process of our collaboration onto as a support for the work being created through theory and practice.

Concept: Anne Verheij

Performance: Miku Tsuchiya

Film: Anne Verheij