“The shape of each human being was a rounded whole,

with back and sides forming a cirle.

Each one had four hands and the same number of legs,

and two identical faces on a circular neck.

Zeus had a plan by which human beings could still exist

but be too weak to carry out their wild behaviour.

And he cut each of them in two.

That’s how, long ago, the innate desire of human beings

for each other started: the desire to make one out of two

and to heal the wound in human nature.”

Plato - The Symposium

God Particles is an experiment with puppets, performers, sound and video in which young theatremakers create an ever expanding universe to play in.

Concept: Cat Smits

Scenography: Anne Verheij

Choreography: Ester Natzijl

Sound design: Mark Bergwerff

Video: Daphne Kerstens

Performance: Thijs Bloothoofd, Cat Smits, Ester Natzijl, Relinde Moors, Kim van den Bemt, Marleen Kleinstapel, Babiche Ronday, Dunya Roos

Pop Arts Festival, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam 2011